Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Rosie's Hand

It is a small hand, not much bigger than a cup on a saucer. But I can feel it reaching out to me from over the Pond, and it is time to go!

Time to gather up electronics, and phones, and boots, and meds. Time to compare suitcase weights and determine whether or not I should take this, or leave that. Yes! Time.

I should probably take less and leave more, don't you think? because it always happens that something in there was hardly worth all the effort of lugging it pillar to post. I never seem to learn the lesson. But there is an Ace in the hole - TED will be there with his Rosie, waiting at the railway station and smiling to beat the band, ready to do all the 'lugging' I may need. Ready to lead the way to both cliff and pub. For we haven't forgotten The Sloop, dear Readers! Bliss.

Of course, the SconeLady will keep you updated along the way, never worry. For there will be adventures (mild ones, anyway) and loveliness (green green grass and cobbled streets) and charm - for one can never run out of that commodity in Cornwall. 

And this time (wonder of wonders!) the SconeLady has a brotherly traveling companion arriving mid-trip, bearing his golf clubs and ready to thwack that ball with the best of the Britishers out there on the links. 

And what better place to thwack! than this?  

But I'd better get my skates on - it's time now, time to get busy and start the Countdown with a prayer on my lips and and a passport in my hand. And you, dear Readers. There is always you.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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