Monday, December 29, 2014

'Talking' Walks

They happen every few weeks or so, whenever he makes the drive eastward. We always have great food, that's a given. And take drives to places like dinner and movies. And best of all? the talking walks that can go on for hours. Nothing can replace those great yakking sessions where you can say absolutely anything and not regret it. 

I was thinking just today about how superior it is to have two children who like being with their parents. This is a great thing, and makes any amount of effort we might have expended in raising them, worth it all. Yay!

Here lately the rather stunning son and I have taken to walking 5 miles down to the local cafe (our current fave is either Panera Bread, or Mimi's Cafe - superb!) to meet the SconeLady's husband and have breakfast. Then we walk back, another 5! And all of this in the bright winter sunlight with a brisk and fresh breeze to urge us on. You can't imagine all that we are able to cover in that amount of time. And then we'll get to do it all again, the next day. 
So with these few days left of his vacation, we will take advantage of the freedom and not waste any of it. Right now he is just feet from his father and me, the three of us sitting companionably at our Apple laptops. His is, I believe, tuned to a Clippers game (Clips are up by one, just now!). It is all rather comforting.

In fact, it is all really rather stunning.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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