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Arrowhead Springs 1970 (2)

It had apparently been used as a convalescent hospital at the end of the second World War, and I could certainly see why. The grounds and the buildings were all extremely well taken care of, and I could say no less about the current inhabitants. There was a peace about the place.

But we were shy, having had no experience with a place such as this. The men and women 'on staff' were of such high caliber - some of us felt we might never live up to such a group of people as they were. Talented; faithful; wise; knowledgeable; focused; and young - some not all that much older than we were. They were college graduates, as this was a campus ministry centered on reaching out to college students. All work was focused there. And we were to be a part of it.

I remember wondering what on earth I could possibly do to help. I needed so much help, myself. This subject came up during the entry interview. "And what would you like to do while here at Arrowhead Springs?" a kindly lady had asked.

"Well I am not exactly sure," I replied. "Is there a list I can choose from?"

She laughed. "There are some possibilities, certainly. It depends upon what you see as your strengths. Do you type?"

Now here was something I could speak confidently about. "Oh yes, I do! In High School I took both Typing I and II, and Mr. Roff gave me an A.."
This pleased the lady, who asked a few other questions about my interests, and talents, and goals. She explained what they hoped might develop from my year there. "Our Crusade Training Group are all young people who have not yet graduated from college, but who might wish to be on staff with Crusade, eventually."
The perfectly huge and imposing Arrowhead on the mountain

I had not thought of this possibility yet, being only 19 and having had one not-so-successful year at college. I replied that I might at least like to finish college. But if I didn't, I could probably become a secretary.

"Well then, we will place you in one of our offices down in the 'village', where you will learn to process book orders. How does that sound?"

I thought it would be fine, and the interview was, suddenly, over.

A hopeful beginning! She had been so kind, and so helpful. Where did they get these people, anyway? Everyone was like that, and seemed to assume that if Campus Crusade had accepted us, we must be worthy of acceptance. 

At least, almost everyone seemed to ..

But for now, things were on the upswing. I was moved into the little bungalow I would share with several other girls. It had a bunk room, a minuscule bathroom, and a dreamy living area where several young people lounged about, holding guitars or chatting calmly. 

I introduced myself. Someone hugged me. A door slammed, and a girl about my own age came in shouting, "Hey! Did you see that POOL? Let's go!"

And thus, I became a part of something bigger than myself. I thought for a moment that I just might be in the process of landing on my feet. Maybe...I could find my Next Step.

Clearly it was time I got started. "Wait for me!" I said, grabbing my swimsuit, and followed the shouting girl.

See you along the Way!
the SconeLady

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