Monday, December 8, 2014

Once A Cheerleader (2)

I know it sounds like an awfully long time ago, but right now it feels like it only just happened. High School. Cheer tryouts. Getting up in front of lots of people at games. Shouting until your voice gave out. And, most unbelievably, jumping up and down.

It happened! And here's the evidence:

The SconeLady cheers at a Pep Rally

Jumping! Up and down! It was so much fun. But there was also a troublesome part to this - the SconeLady was terribly shy and could hardly bear it. She did, however, bear it - and survived.

I never did find the photo with the purple and white flag. But Pom Poms? Oh yes, there were Pom Poms. Lots and lots of them.

Late last night, after the discussion about cheerleading and flags, I suddenly remembered my old yearbooks sitting somewhere downstairs. Too sleepy to do anything about them just then, I promised myself that today I would find them, and sit remembering. Remembering those very confusing, and happy, and crazy days of High School; before my friends began receiving Draft notices; before any of us really thought very hard about college; before weddings, certainly. 

I have seen these same good friends lately, and here we are, now - after Viet Nam, after college, after weddings. Totally enjoying the grandchildren. It is a grand place for us to be - hooray!

And so I shall share these photos and memories with the sweet, small 4 year old, and watch her be amazed. Grandma! Jumping. Rustling Pom Poms. Posing for a camera. Cheering for the Tigers. 


See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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