Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nothing Says It Like A Camera Phone

"We Wish You A Merry Christmas!"

Things have changed significantly since I was little, and nothing speaks to this more than a roomful of camera phones.

We had all dutifully filed into the church sanctuary, loaded up with our own phone cameras ready to click away. It was the preschool Christmas program, and the children were clean, scrubbed and shiningly ready for their debut. They knew the songs, of course, having rehearsed for absolute ages, and had all been properly coached as to correct performance behavior. Everybody hoped no one would be sick.

The 3 year old with black/white stripes
They came in from the side, singing, single file, moving en masse to the front of the church looking shy in front of all these strangers. At least, almost everyone out there was a stranger. The children peered into the audience, looking for familiar faces. Mummy, Daddy. Grandma and Grandpa. Brother. Sister. And so on.  Once  they identified these, they lit up like that nearby Christmas tree, smiling and waving, calling out. They were, after all, 3 through 5 year olds. And anything can happen at a Christmas program.

But - we almost couldn't see it! The first song began, but there were so many loved ones angling cameras and phones that no mere mortal would ever be able to find, focus, and click accurately. There were only the backs of heads. 

We all did our best not to be rude, or get into the way of those behind us. It was rather like the waves of the sea, first left, then right, a brief and wild snap in the general direction of all that cuteness on the stage.

I felt sorry for everyone. But then again, not really sorry, because everyone was so happy. It was Christmastime. The kids were eager to please, shining in their musical debut more sweetly than any Broadway actor ever could. 

And who even needs Broadway, when you have such enchanting small people to entertain you so beautifully?

I, for one, don't.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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