Friday, October 16, 2015

In Cornwall for a Birthday

A donut party is exactly fitting for this little chap. Birthdays can take any turn wished for, when the newly-minted 4-year-old wishes for donuts. His kindly grandpa brought them and saw his reward for such a deed: the brightest shining eyes for miles around.

With little friends to share them with and a new suit of armor, things just couldn't be any better! Or, at least they could be better if Grandma would have been there. But the SconeLady mustn't dwell very long on this fact, for tears are apt to threaten. Oh dear..

And so I have spent much time today reminiscing about the day this one was born. Such a tiny thing! So recognizably 'him'. Beginning from that day, there was a new dimension of sweetness around the place that only kept on growing. He is everybody's darling.

Hours from now there will be another party gathering, the family group all celebrating together and singing the Birthday Song once more. Grandma will do her best to be awake and digitally 'there', so as to see the honor bestowed upon this tenderhearted little boy. Who cares if it is midnight here? 

So there is a lady who is hugging you from afar, birthday-boy. Her arms may be empty, but her heart is full.

Grandma SconeLady

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