Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cornwall Day 23 - Beginnings

I was so sleepy that I almost missed it, and almost went back to bed.

But a casual glimpse toward the window gave me a jolt, and all thoughts of bed vanished. Peeking out the tiniest crack in the curtain, I saw the most magnificent beginnings of a sunrise. Quick! I pulled on coats and shoes and scarves, and went for it. For half an hour, this panorama had me astonished and snapping away. The birds and gulls were having a riotous time with it, for the tides were either coming in or going out - I couldn't yet be sure which - and the smallest of the birds rode the wave up and back, over and over, while the gulls wheeled and screeched. It was hilarious. They were always surprised when it turned back the other way!

The next lovely thing that happened in this lovely day was my incomprehensible Chocolate Twist. There is nothing like a Chocolate Twist. Even if chocolate cake doesn't quite come out right in this land of Cornwall, well, they certainly get the Twist right! 

The best one comes straight from the ovens of the Norway Store, who always take out their first batch right at 7:30. This morning was a little bit sad because England had changed their clocks back (their version of Daylight Saving time), which meant that I had to wait A WHOLE EXTRA HOUR for my twist (it was a mighty long hour).

But then the church bells began ringing and I knew where I was meant to be. It was the best part of this day. Better than a sunrise, better than a Chocolate Twist, oh yes - being inside of a magnificent church building originating from the 13th century, with incense wafting toward us as the priest bows and we return his bow; bells ringing at various times during the communion as we offer up our 'manifold sins and wickedness' to be forgiven. Well yes, that was the place for me. For us. Everyone in there was reminded, as we are always reminded, of the grace that forgives. 

The Gift of gifts.

See you along the Way!
the SconeLady

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