Monday, October 26, 2015

Cornwall Day 24 - What I Did At Coasters

There's a little tea shop, just over the road. It's one I have passed many times, never taking any notice - until now. It is very unassuming, not proud, tucked away down a little lane where maybe no one will notice it. But I did suddenly notice it because there was no Digey Food Room to eat a scone at. (The Digey was sadly closed!) So this little and unassuming replacement was found.

The place was empty, all except the small blond waitress who, at the counter, was waiting for customers. "I am looking for a Cream Tea," I began.

"Certainly, I can do you a Cream Tea, Madam," she enthused, preparing to go and make it. "Oh, and..." I continued, "may the scone please be warmed?"

A lot depended upon her answer. "Yes of course, I can warm it up for you." 

And then I paid. And she disappeared. Presently there was the clinking of china and the whoosh-ing of super-hot water from a super-hot water machine. And, out came my tea tray.

I thanked the small blond waitress, who smiled and then returned to her counter to wait for custom. Sitting next to the big window, I watched as a large clot of tourists (and their dogs) strolled by in the splendid sunshine. Almost every one of them was happy, because it was the beginning of their week's holiday and as such, a reason for high delight. I was happy for them.

Next, I pulled out 3 colorful postcards, 3 stamps with the Queen's photo on them, and 3 'Air Mail' stickers. I studied them each to learn which card should be written to which child. The cards almost always tell me this themselves, making it instantly clear just which would be appreciated the most by which child. Once that was established, I wrote on them. My pen never knows just what it will write, until the very moment it begins to move along the paper. It could be about almost anything, because they are all brilliantly interested in almost anything, making my job easy - and fun.

And the scone? The scone was indeed warmed up, which is not to say that it was hot from the oven. But warm, and that is good. The cream and jam went on and the tea was poured out. The stage was now set for the SconeLady to enjoy the thing she had come over here to find.

I hope that the picture here does it justice, because for a little, unassuming and unobtrusive tea shop, it sure does make a mean scone. 

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

*(In terms of numbers, the scone at Coasters has earned a good, solid 8.)

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