Friday, October 16, 2015

Cornwall Day 15 - That Penny May Never Actually Drop

I appear to have downsized, a bit. You see, it is changeover day and I have left one place for another. And although the new digs are smaller, I think they are simply perfect. Just right for one SconeLady to sit and write her heart out.

I find it to be without defect.

For one thing, I sit writing while staring out of the big picture window, at (get ready for it) ST MICHAEL'S MOUNT. In fact from every room in this place, one can find the Mount, just through your window and surrounded by the endless sea. Or not surrounded by it, depending upon all that the tides may determine. This is a treasure.

At the same time, it could get rather lonely. My sweet company has had to up sticks and go back to family, work, cats, sheep, a donkey, and horses. I have a feeling that when those sheep saw their mistress arriving back from wildest Cornwall, they uttered deeply felt thanks. There is something about her that is irreplaceable. The poor little beasts have watched and waited, and now their Comforter has come. I do not blame them. I have felt that way myself.

But I have my many memories of a splendid week, and even a splendid morning of goodbye's. Good fellowship around the table at the Porthminster Beach Cafe is, and always will be, a highlight. We laughed over the fun we had watching 'Yes, Minister' each evening, finding hilarious the absurdities of British politics. I kept trying to compare it with American politics, but failed. "They're just not the same, and never shall be," said friend Rosie. Somehow the concept that you can be a Member of Parliament while not being a Minister, had me baffled. And the strange reality that the President can remain President even if he does not have a majority in the Congress, had them baffled. 

I think I'm going to need a few more episodes of 'Yes, Minister' before the penny really finally drops. But I won't hold my breath.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

En route to the Godrevy Lighthouse

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