Sunday, October 11, 2015

Cornwall Day 10 - The Coastal Path

Boulders along the way

"Rosie, is this what the walking book meant when it said Stones and Boulders?"

Rosie wanted to be truthful but not too scary. "Well, ah, not exactly. Those might still be up ahead." I knew then that we were in for it. If these weren't 'stones and boulders', then what on earth was? But everybody took heart and cheerfully faced both stones and boulders with aplomb.

So given the fact that yesterday's walk (hike) was rather lengthy and boulder-y, we sought something more friendly this time. 

And so we picked a lovely and forgiving hike, beginning with the little coastal train between St Ives and Lelant. You see, you can climb aboard for 50 pence if you are a Senior and have a Senior Rail Pass, which I do have. Then you can settle down for the short duration and watch through the windows as the coast glides by. It is splendid! And just look at how smooth and easy walking will be compared with the cliffs of yesterday:

The dazzling expanse of Carbis Bay

This time we had eaten well first, and brought along tasties, candies, and *aniseed balls. We weren't going to make the same mistakes twice! As a result, we stepped along the pathway with great energy, chattering and pausing (Ted waiting patiently between pauses) and in general treasuring the day. Yes it was cloudy. But no less beautiful. Besides, we have heard that the sun is going to appear on the scene, tomorrow!

The sweet small coastal train everyone loves to ride

Cornwall is a veritable cornucopia of pleasurable walking paths, all of which we are keen to try. There is so much of life you can cover when you are walking with people who wish to walk with you. And it doesn't cost a penny. Or a pence. Or any type of money at all.

The loveliest things in life don't, of course. And that, Readers dear, is worth remembering.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

*(don't know what aniseed balls are? Try this)

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