Saturday, October 10, 2015

Cornwall Day 9 - Are We There Yet?

The cliffs on the way to Zennor

It all started out so wonderfully well. The hiking book told us that our walk would be a mere 6 miles, filled with marvelous scenery we would never forget. And there was a Pub at the end, offering a delightful bowl of chowder! Off we went, full from our breakfast and breezily forgoing a packed lunch - the chowder would do for us. What could possibly be better?

And it was a lovely walk, truly it was. I have no actual complaints, only that there was rather a lot of upping and downing - but with Rosie holding my hands and helping me up and over the toughest bits, I did it! I kept my eyes constantly on her boots, step by step, as her hand offered me strength and balance. It was the sweetest thing.

Although the hike stretched from 6 miles to more than 9, we held no grudges. We were in this thing together. As we approached the village of Zennor, we kept up a running dialogue of what it would feel like to actually sit down again. What foods we might ask for at the Pub. Whether the Pub would actually still be open (gasping at the thought that it might not). When we actually crested the hill over which that Pub could be seen, it seemed almost a miracle. Our trek reminded me of a song from a favorite old movie called "Follow Me Boys":

Follow me, boys, follow me,
When you think you're really beat, 
That's the time to lift your feet
And follow me, boys, follow me,
Pick 'em up, put 'em down and follow me!

Boy, did we ever follow, today. Ted's head was out there ahead of us and there was no doubt as to where we were all going. No one got lost, no one left behind.

Though the journey's end is beyond our sight,
Follow me, boys, follow me,
When we've done our best then we've done alright,
Pack your load, hit the road and follow me.

You would have thought we'd won the lottery, the way we trooped into that Pub and basked in the camaraderie surrounding us. The barman smiled and poured out our orders, filling our hands with chips, crackers, candies and nuts. We demolished them all. In the end, Ted rang for a cab and we munched away quite comfortably as we waited.

When he arrived, the cab driver approached us in a friendly manner and said he was ready if we were. But that if we weren't ready, he would just wait for us in his van until we were (I love British cab drivers). We were ready, however, and followed him out the door and into our conveyance. It was the most beautiful vehicle in recent memory.

As the cab driver helped the ladies all to settle into the van, Ted mentioned his own luck at being surrounded by 'all these women'. The driver nodded, and prepared to shut the door as he smiled in upon us.

 "I'm dead envious," he said.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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