Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cornwall Day 25 - The Woman on Fore Street

Her daughter was pulling, she was pushing, and both of them were laughing fit-to-kill. "What's the matter, Grandma? Are you ok?" said a small personage who looked strikingly like both women. 

Grandma was still laughing. "Oh, I sat down here on the stoop to wait for yer mum, and me knees got set!" she hooted. And then we all laughed, all of us who were stuck in the road, and watching. Just getting down Fore Street is next to impossible and you've got to have all of your wits about you. It is next to impossible to make headway. And woe betide the person who gets stuck and makes other people also become stuck. Their name is Legion.

But  thanks to the combination of pushing, pulling, and boosting (the whole family got involved), Grandma was finally on her feet and the crowd could inch forward.

These days, I have taken to creeping out of the cottage in the early morning, to catch Fore Street when NO ONE IS IN IT. I can always count on being alone there, because everybody else has slept in. Not this early bird. There are a few of us who race up each morning to the Norway Store for the unbelievable croissants and twists. You can smell their aroma as you get nearer! These few earlies are devoted followers of the Norway, and if you are not there when it opens, you MIGHT NOT GET A TWIST.

But on my way up there, no one is out, no one is crowding each other and sitting on stoops and getting stuck there. No one! It is the sweetest thing. But boy, just give it a couple of hours, and - man.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

Early morning on Fore

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