Friday, October 2, 2015

Cornwall Day 1 - Sights, Sounds, Tastes of Cornwall

I don't see how such a thing is even possible, but it must be because the scone I just consumed was even better than before!

I arrived at The Digey in high anticipation this afternoon, having waited for it for simply months. And what with the ultra blue skies and the warmth, I fairly floated through the door. 

While ordering my Cream Tea I glanced about in search of Josh, superior scone-baker and earner of the Best Scone In Cornwall - according to the SconeLady. But soon I caught a glimpse! There he was in the back, hard at his work, managing his ovens which were baking up a storm. 

"It's Josh!" I said to the man at the counter. 

"Oh, yes, he's always here," said the man. "I'll have him deliver your scone, shall I?"

For they know the SconeLady there, and understand her enthusiasm for the Hunt. I sat very calmly, awaiting my treat and gazing around at all of the other splendid items to consider eating. The Digey happens to produce all kinds of fresh delights, not just scones. It's just that I can't seem to move beyond them or to expand my tastes. I keep thinking that soon I shall try their soups, their quiche, their varieties of salads, their gingerbread, and the many drinks they have on offer. I absolutely must. One Day.

And then upon bringing the scone to my table, Josh once again patiently allowed me to take his photograph, the dear man. This won't be the only visit I make to the Digey, but it will be the only time I ask for his photo. I feel that once per journey ought to be enough. I don't get the feeling that he seeks out the attention. He just quietly and calmly makes delicious foods day in, and day out.

Can you believe the amazingness of this scone??

Besides this utter excitement, today I also:

  • consumed a delicious breakfast at the hands of my delightful hostess (Muesli, strawberries, grapes, coffee, poached egg, sausage, and toast - for my inquisitive sister!)
  • walked 10 miles
  • had Italian coffee while writing post cards at The Pier Coffee Bar, the best coffee in town!
  • rode the sweet little coastal train to the nearby town of Penzance
  • scouted for cottages while there

  • stared unbelievingly at the blue of the ocean and the skies in a mesmerized fashion
  • watched the Brits sitting along the Wharf, not moving a muscle while soaking up the sun while it lasts
For I am told by my hostess that it won't last. This is news I do NOT like to hear, and so I do my best to instantly forget it. I refuse to believe such shocking things and will anticipate this loveliness to continue unabated, just for the SconeLady (I will keep you posted).

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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