Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Cornwall Day 18 - Just Don't Miss the Tour

Tuesdays are always a good day in St Ives. That's because Tuesday is when the splendid Tony conducts his splendid walking tours, and everybody is invited. It's splendid.

Sunrise near Penzance

For this reason the SconeLady broke away from her writing (at such a fascinating point) to leap aboard the Great Western Railway toward St Ives. On the train were one set of tiny twins and a toddler. The twins were little boys, and darling. The toddler was a girl, and precious. Mummy and Daddy and (I think) Auntie bundled them on board along with prams, and dollies, and stuffed bears, and diaper bags. It boggled the mind to think how much gear those people had assembled for this one day out. But, at long last, it was all on board and they were ready to go.

The entire short trip was spent in making the children squeal with laughter, thereby posing for photographs, which were all hilarious. The twins thought their daddy was the funniest thing on this earth, and Mummy was only marginally less funny. By the time we reached St Ives, they had the whole train in stitches.

It was the sweetest thing.

Barnoon Cemetery

When we pulled in, the rest of the train decided to go out one door because all of the gear, and the babies, and the toddler, and the grownups, were trying to get out the other one (it took them longer, believe me). The funniest thing is that at varying intervals of the day, I would come across this little group, and find them:

  • laughing
  • screaming
  • sleeping
  • whining
  • eating
  • escaping Mummy
  • being caught by Daddy
In the end, we all got back onto the same train together, and did the whole thing over again. It was hilarious. Except the twins no longer thought either Mummy or Daddy were funny. In fact I think they were mad at both Mummy and Daddy. Not even Auntie amused.

But, I am forgetting the tour. Whenever you decide to take the Tuesday tour, all you must do is go to the Guildhall and wait for Tony. At 11:00 a.m., he will appear and begin to tell you all about St Ives. Its history, its granite, its tin miners, its fishermen, its graveyard, its artists, its boats, its shipwrecks, its churches, and its economy. And oh, so much more. It is the most informative 2 hours you will spend in this lovely town, and I highly recommend it.

Then when it is all over, I suggest you go and have an ice cream. Today, the best ice cream I've had came from this spot:

It was not only delicious, it was huge! And
that, my dear Readers, is unusual in St Ives. Mine was called Dark Chocolate Sorbet, and nothing could have been finer.

After that, it was time to remove myself from the lovely St Ives, and start pounding away again at the laptop. Ooh, I went right back to that fascinating spot, and have been at it ever since. It is mysterious ... it is lovely. It even has me curious.

(If this keeps up, I shall be in danger of finishing).

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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