Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cornwall Day 5 - Inside Out

My poor, pitiful umbrella! It very nearly didn't make it today. Things had begun so beautifully, with scenery such as this floating past as I walked:

A favored spot to sit and gaze out at vast and flagrant beauty

Along the cliffs I strode, past the somber Cemetery up at Barnoon and out along the shore. It was all lovely and surprisingly clear, having been told that Hurricane Joaquin was threatening to descend upon us at any moment. I thought, wasn't that the hurricane that was just now in the States? I didn't know hurricanes went from the States to Cornwall in such quick succession. 

And so when things were looking so nice, I figured that Joaquin has just decided to give us a pass, which was fine by me. Feeling a bit peckish, I stopped in at Warren's Bakery and picked up this delicious Cornish pasty, for lunch:

What a magnificent taste! What fine ingredients! (steak, potatoes, carrots, onions, and 'swede')* The only thing to do right then was to locate a fine granite stone to rest upon, and eat while watching the Cornish world go by. It was perhaps the best half an hour a girl could spend on a day like this one.

Was it my fault Joaquin decided to drop by after all? All at once, rain and wind rattled me and my umbrella until we were both nearly inside out. Back up the hill I trotted, quick-march, but I knew - right away I knew - that there was nothing for it now but to become hopelessly drenched.

Which I did.

But all was not lost, Readers dear. My lovely hostess saw me stumble in, wind blown and soaking, and took pity upon me. She kindly invited me to join them in watching my favorite British television reality program! The Great British Bake-off! So tomorrow night at 8:00, there I will be, with the family, watching Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood tasting all sorts of delicious treats, and finally, sadly, kicking one tearful baker off the show. Delightful!

British television. Once you get started you just can't quit.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady


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