Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cornwall Day 6 - The Big Reveal

There really was a Big Reveal...only I can't reveal it. And it's just not fair! 

You see, being in England during major television series revelations is immensely fun, but not very productive. The Great British BakeOff is one such series. And tonight was the Finale! But I can't tell you about it, or who was in it, and certainly not who won it because it is headed to the U.S.A., and it would be horrid to randomly spoil it. 

Watching British television programs with Brits is also lots of fun. My hostess invited me down to view it with them and it was so much better than watching it upstairs in my lonely room. So, after walking down to the Fish & Chips shop for my supper, and after eating far too many fishes and chips, I ventured downstairs just as the program was beginning. My hostess had to sort of interpret some things for me, because at times I just did not understand what the people on the show were saying. Their accents might almost be another language. But that was OK because my hostess told me all about it, and interpreted, and when I asked where the BakeOff was filmed, her husband asked Siri, who said, "The Great British BakeOff was filmed in Berkshire, England."

Hmm. I really must visit there next. It looks dreamy.

Part way through the festivities, my hostess gently said, "Since we are watching the BakeOff, I have made some scones with jam and cream. Would you like one?"

(I couldn't have heard her right. Could I?)

"What? Did you say SCONES?" the SconeLady asked.

She disappeared into the kitchen, and soon, out came a scrumptious scone all dressed up and ready just for me. We sat side by side, munching on our treats while watching Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood (that can't be his real name, can it?) tasting theirs. It was all very companionable. The contestants went through their 'challenges', struggled with mind-boggling numbers of ingredients, finished their food items at the exact last second, and produced a winner. Whom I will not mention. 

But I will encourage you Americans to watch it, when it comes rolling around to the States. It was great, but those fish and chips almost ruined it for me. Never watch a baking show when you have just faced down massive amounts of salt and grease. It isn't pretty.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

 The amazing Berkshire countryside (Americans: you pronounce it 'Bark-shir')

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