Saturday, October 24, 2015

Cornwall Day 22b - From a Pub to a Church

It is 10:00 and I am back, telling you all about it as promised. And the evening, from first to last, was fabulous! Aren't they just splendid?

First of all, I was blessed to be Face Timed by my darlings just as I stepped onto the train. They became fascinated with the train, and the passengers, and the dogs on the train, and the babies next to the dogs on the train, and the sea as it floated by, and the doors as they opened and closed. Everything good about trains was right there for them to observe. It was the sweetest thing.

Upon arrival in Penzance there was an easy walk to where the concert would be, and just across the street was a Pub! Which is very handy for someone who is feeling just a bit peckish. It was the Turk's Head Pub, all warm and cozy inside with happy patrons and food of every sort. I had the soup. The patrons laughed and continued laughing, until things got louder (it was a Saturday night, after all). In the end, what had seemed like a party was turning into a blowout. It was time to go.

There were people already streaming into the church, excited and expectant for what was coming. I myself had anticipatory goose bumps, because I knew of the high caliber of voices joining forces tonight. And it was all so beautiful! In the end, there were about 100 men singing their hearts out, and meaning every word of it. Do you know, they use NO MUSIC in concert. They wouldn't dream of it! It's hard to imagine how they learn it all, but that is what they do, and it is lovely.

When it was all over, I got to ride back home with 3 of the kindest people, so kind that there just aren't enough adjectives for them. They were so interested in this American lady who was suddenly in their midst, that we talked all the way back. I was sad when it was over and I had to get out.

But sleep is quickly overtaking the SconeLady. So she will say her goodnights and drift off toward oblivion, remembering the power of 100 voices as they sang their sweet Cornish hearts out.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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