Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our Poor Husbands

This is what we are doing:

We are moving into a house, while the lovely daughter+husband+darlings are moving out of it. Everywhere there are boxes strewn willy-nilly, while the children wander through the rooms looking for their stuff. The grownups are all exhausted.

But there is a certain excitement in the air, because a first home is enticing. The two husbands are stunned at how many ideas their wives have for:

Sample: Midcentury Modern living room/kitchen
  • new kitchen islands
  • subway tile
  • shiplap
  • new tile on the floors
  • WHITE paint
  • new carpeting
  • Midcentury modern everything
The two husbands look doubtful at all this discussion of Home Depot and Lowes. Not to mention the Midcentury Modern Warehouse (ENDLESS FUN!). There is just so much potential for change. 

...(the key word remains 'doubtful')


A U-Haul box may not look very interesting, but inside are all the things we surround ourselves with. It is therapy to look at them from time to time, to decide which are worthy to be kept. Or thrown. I know of at least one husband who hopes 'thrown' is the key word). 

In the meantime, pardon me while I scroll through the Chic Shelf Liners on ebay..

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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