Wednesday, September 17, 2014

England, Day Two: Scones at Selfridges!

I am shocked, dear Readers, for it is not cold (yet) in England. How lovely if this turns out to be a pattern!

At the end of the long day, I sit in front of a TV while thinking about the loveliness of it - the day, not the TV. The program in front of me is dealing with British high school behaviors (er, behaviours), which are apparently just as challenging as those in California. It isn't pretty, but everything else about this day is.

It began with a full English breakfast - which I tried at first to resist, but in the end was talked into. In hostels here, they do it up right with bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, toast, fried bread (not what you're thinking), granola, corn flakes, coffee and juice. The man behind the counter thought I was joking when I said no, thank you to about half of this fare. He just laughed and kept on dishing out. 

Such a breakfast was actually a great idea, because I had a lot of walking to do. Miles and miles. One must not flag at a time like that!

  • There was the visit to a mobile phone shop, where they helped me to know more about how to go broke while using mobile phones in a foreign land
  • There was the Beatles walking tour where I learned very little about the Beatles, but did pass by the spot where the Great London Fire started. Ok, well I've been there about 20 times. (But did you know that 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds' meant LSD? Nope, neither did I).
  • There was the walk to Selfridges on Oxford Street where I had my first London scone! I hope I can get the photo onto this page but don't hold your breath (oh! There it is)

  • There was a grand conversation via FaceTime with friend Rosie. We were so excited that our voices rang right through the YHA and garnered a lot of attention. But I couldn't help it.
  • There was the tube ride up to see friend Rosie's two daughters where I was fed royally, and treated generously. Gorgeous, brilliant. A perfect description!
And so here we are, at the end of this lovely gift of a day. As I sit here writing, I hear on and off the lovely bells of St Paul's Cathedral bonging away, just over the road in my direction...the bells calling out to any who will listen. I'm listening. I need their message. Perhaps tomorrow I will be able again to sit in that quiet place, and listen some more.

If I do, well then you will be the first to know!

 (BTW, have you been watching Mr. Selfridge on Masterpiece? I haven't but will start right away because it is the Selfridges that I had the lovely scones in today! It is all the Talk over here and we must NOT miss out)... (but I'd better wait and stream it back in the States..I don't want to go broke).

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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