Monday, September 29, 2014

Cornwall, Day 2: The Search Is On

Not exactly bright-eyed, we climbed out of bed to gaze upon our first full day in St Ives. It was breathtaking.

For sea lovers, a glimpse of the shoreline of St Ives is the ultimate high - a high of highs that no one needs chemicals to produce. And the shore was so very close! We became suddenly energized and ready to get out into it.

But then one of us suggested a 'toast party'. Terrific! We had everything we needed for a toast party from the nearby cooperative, along with the delicious coffee provided for us by the owners (bless them). Next up: church. 

We chose to attend the local parish Church of England, just steps down the lane. As we approached, their bells began to ring along with the bells of the several other ancient churches nestled around. Enchanting!

We found our seats just as the music, and the processional began. White robed men and women walked in their formation from the side, the cross being carried as we all kept watch. From somewhere there was the aroma of incense. So this would be 'high church' - well enough. It would also be a sung Eucharist, something I find irresistible: the age-old words, spoken and sung, began their work and together the people followed and joined in.

I loved the organist! Are you shocked, dear reading Americans, that there even WAS an ORGANIST?! There was, and he was splendid (forgive me for not missing the presence of a worship band). White haired, superior posture, expressive in the way he moved toward and around his keys. It was exciting to watch! What's more, he didn't miss a note, not one note. And this is coming from the SconeLady whose father could not bear a missed note to reveal itself in his presence.

And next, the sermon was excellent. Worthy! Both of us learned, and appreciated, and needed Matthew 21.

In the afternoon we two walked up to the Castle for a cream tea. The search for a perfect scone is well and truly on, and this was our first Cornish sampling. Alas! The scone was cold (even though I requested twice - somewhat embarrassed - that it be delivered warm). The presence of jam and clotted cream did not noticeably help, and so it was probably not a scone worthy of the great chase. But the wait staff was cheerful, and that is a thing not to be scorned.

But really. If a tea room goes to all the trouble of producing and advertising cream scones, wouldn't you think they would want to serve them WARM? (I ask you).

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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