Tuesday, September 23, 2014

England, Day 8: Norfolk

You really don't need earbuds. Not here. At home, you won't see the SconeLady on long walks without them. But today as I rummaged for something else, I saw the earbuds looking rather abandoned and lonely, floating around in the bottom of the bag. 

There is just too much to take in, to notice, here. It would be all too distracting, having something plugged in and burbling away at me. Therefore it is peaceful, and I am loving it.

Friend Rosie recommended a lovely walk for me this morning, which began with a sweet farm store just filled with deliciousness. I bought some apples, and started out. It was meant to be a 7 mile trek, but about halfway through I realized that in spite of two GPS's,  detailed directions, and a map, I was off. The directions were, "Cross a stile by a wooden footbridge and continue along the riverbank then follow the path round to the right and cross another stile before turning left along a wide field-edge track..."

It was all fine and lovely except I could find no stile by a wooden footbridge, and no other stile before turning left. After some turning around, and confused retracing of steps, I 
climbed over two fences and sort of made my own plan. It could have been a bad idea but suddenly I found myself almost back at the beginning, two miles shorter in length.

Don't ask. I don't know how it happened. 

But the walk was fabulous, and with a Pink Lady apple or two I was completely satisfied. There was another five miler in the afternoon, and partway through Rosie came riding up to me on her bike. She looked like a high school girl just riding along without a care in the world. We walked companionably back to the farmhouse, chatting, laughing, planning. Riches, that absolutely cost nothing! 

That's the way so many riches tend to be. We really don't need to go to a store or a bank for them. Most times they are just across the table from us, or riding on a bike toward us, or - wearing a wedding ring we picked out together decades ago. 

Those riches run deep, and are not easily lost.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

Above, you can see where I actually walked. Below was the map. Somehow between the stile and the river and the field, it all went funny. Can you figure it out? :-)

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