Tuesday, September 23, 2014

England, Day 9: Tea, Cake, and the 'Donk'

A pot of tea and a bit of cake really does hit the spot after a round of shopping. I know, it should have been a scone. But Debenhams didn't have cream just at that moment, so what would be the point? There actually was a scone, ready made with jam and cream already spread in between the split layers. It looked beautiful! But those of you who have followed this space realize already what the trouble would be: there can be no way to warm up a scone when the cream is already in it. Do you feel I am being picky? Perhaps I, the SconeLady, should lower her standards a bit, and eat a cold scone?

I could have, and almost did. In fact, the standards had dropped quite dangerously and the tea lady had actually placed the creamy scone upon a white porcelain plate. That was when I spied this bit of cake, and remembered that there is nothing wrong with some cake in a time of cold scones. She kindly changed my order and arranged a slice of lemon cake just for me.

It was delicious.

I really liked that tea lady because I overheard her in the kitchen, enquiring as to whether there might be some fresh cream about? For the American lady? Trying to go that second mile for me. The gracious Brits - there's just nothing like them.

I am sitting now in a jeep with the iPad, typing away with two fingers as Rosie feeds and grooms the donkey. The 'Donk', along with two pretty horses, saw us pull up and immediately began making their way towards us (her). Rosie is their favorite person just now, because they know something good always happens whenever she appears. I believe we might call this love a 'cupboard' love: "food and warmth, hands that caressed, voices that reassured.." Cupboard loves such as the one felt by the bear Mr. Bultitude for Mrs. Maggs (That Hideous Strength, C.S. Lewis, 1945), who gave him a tin of golden syrup every Friday. 

It is lovely to have people like Mrs. Maggs nearby. Or the tea lady, going that second mile in order to make the day of a stranger. 

Or like Rosie, who seems to find people and animals gathered about her on a frequent basis. I am one of them, who feels that something good always happens whenever she appears. These three women have at least one thing in common, I have noticed. They are all Englishwomen. 

Those gracious Brits - there's just nothing like them.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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