Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cornwall, Day 3: The Digey Wins the Day!

It ended the way it began - beautifully. This day held not only the loveliest of walks and the tastiest of scones, it held enchanting moonlight and the discovery of a chocolatey sorbet. Yes! Did you know that there was such a sorbet as chocolate? I didn't, being more familiar with the fruity kind (this is dangerous, and may present itself as a temptation I can not promise to resist).

The loveliest of walks took me toward the cliffs surrounding the town, passing beaches and empty tea shops (it was early) and quirky little cobbled streets. I was mostly alone as I walked, but after a while I came upon a young father pushing his baby in a pram. It was fun to overhear his conversation with the baby because he was very sweet with her. He spoke as if she could understand, and his face beamed out each time she smiled. Which was a lot. They were a mutual admiration society.

This was the sweetest thing. But then they disappointingly turned left and I continued, wending my way home to the fisherman's cottage. For we two had plans. We:

  • made a picnic
  • took it on a bus to Penzance
  • grabbed a bus from Penzance to Marazion
  • walked across to St Michael's Mount
  • toured the castle at the top
  • grabbed the next bus back
  • ate at the local pub, which turned out to be fabulous
  • and fell into exhausted heaps at the end.

Oh -  and I'd better not leave out the scones we had this afternoon! THE best so far, my dear Readers. And they were last year, too.

Hip-hip-hooray! for the Digey Food Room! Once again they have done it. They have fulfilled the promise of a good scone: warm, substantial (without being horrid and thick), sweet, tasty, and textured-to-perfection. We shall watch, and wait, and see if a better one comes along. But it is doubtful, my friends; seriously doubtful. 

The triumph at the end of this superior day was the lovely walk along the harbor, crowds thinning, weather still warm enough for comfort, and the moon smiling down upon us. We sat eating our chocolate treats, and considered the day a success.  

I kept thinking of that young father, and of the bright future he is ensuring. Such gifts weave a strength into this world of ours, that's what. One smile at a time.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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