Sunday, September 14, 2014

Any Girl Who Isn't Me

At last sitting in a chair at the Gate, I am ready. There have been the usual goodbyes (involving hugs from arms I will terribly miss), the key questions ("Do you have your passport? Ticketing info? Battery chargers?", a checklist we always review to avoid the dreaded showstoppers), and last minute purchases. This is all part of the pinball machine which gets me safely to the airport, through the door and into the unavoidable queues. 

Somewhere a baby is crying.

 Passengers are wandering about, searching for electrical outlets. Clearly this airport was designed before there was such a plethora of phones, smartphones, listening devices, DVD players, iPads and juice boxes because it's getting ridiculous in here. I feel sorry for these outlet seekers. Luckily I arrived early enough to bag one before the hoards. It's the parents who really need them, and I'm sure you can imagine why. Just consider the next several hours without extraneous entertainment, and then there's the could get interesting.

But I am feeling unusually happy and unburdened and satisfied, here in this chair at the Gate. Once in a while I am struck by how blessed I really am to be in this spot, heading toward a place I love and long for, and with such a wonderful family to miss. There is hardly a thing left now to do except wait to be herded onto the plane. I am wondering what the first meal will be? Eventually, I am sure there will be a scone, with a nice cup of tea and perhaps even a warm wet towel.. the small pleasures. 

The words to a song flit through my mind, from West Side Story...

                                     "And I pity any girl who isn't me today!"

The baby is now laughing, and so am I. The crowds are crowdier, the hour is later, and my eyes are even sleepier. But my conclusion? It's a red letter day, where I can sit calmly listening to people chatting, babies crying/laughing, and kindly agents hovering. It could hardly get better.

It is just oh-so-much fun being the SconeLady!

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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