Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Graceful Life

I am sitting here in front of a cheery fire, surrounded by woodland beauty, blue sky and deer wandering past. The other half of 'we' is out just at the moment, but will soon stroll back in and we will then be two again, sitting in front of the cheery fire. 

Cheery fires, togetherness, a peaceful home, these are all things that can go into the Graceful life. It is happening all over this world, little outposts of generosity. No one really advertises these ongoing Graces; they are just lived out. And the Graces don't depend upon one's income, apparently. They can be present in a hut or in a mansion.

Usually it helps if the people in the hut, or the mansion, are graceful toward one another. If they lean toward each other and toward thinking of the other first. Sounds simple. Needs to be practiced.

I know of one especially Graceful spot, in England. The home fires are kept warm and inviting, and others come a great distance to gather round them. I know, because I was invited to do just that; and the resultant glow hasn't faded, yet. 

Let us think about this, and about how to build it. How to keep it built whatever the difficultly. 

The wellbeing of this world depends upon it.


*('the other half of we' is a quote from dear friend VL)

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