Friday, July 25, 2014

When We Turn The Key One Last Time

Things are moving along here at a furious clip, for the SconeLady and her husband are moving. All of the activity has the affect of distracting my mind from sad woes. And why should I be sad? Or woeful? It is because I must leave my sweet woodland cabin, and that is a melancholy feeling. I will probably hang on to the bitter end, and then turn the key one last time.

This husband of the SconeLady is making it all unbelievably easy - for me. The most difficult parts of moving are all being handled before I even have a chance to think of them. Bliss.

While contemplating these things, I felt the sudden need for a fresh and creamy scone. Why else be a SconeLady if you are not going to bring another batch into this world? I asked my mother and sister to come, to share them, and to sit around the table once more, together. 

I decided upon the Cream Scone recipe from a previous blog. The principal ingredients are thick cream and white sugar. Need I say more? Oh - and, of course, butter. Lots of butter. Also interesting was my newly purchased antique (well, that's debatable - let's just call it 'old') pastry cutter, which made the process much easier. 

Boxes lay strewn about the place; newsprint stood ready to wrap up any number of dishes. But the four of us sat, together, talking. There were darling grandchildren to exult over and thoroughly brag about. There was the SconeLady's upcoming trip to England (oh yes, and she is bringing her husband this time!). We didn't want to think/talk/analyze the impending move very much; there will be plenty of time for that.

I fully understood last week when the 7 year old grandson, as he strapped himself into the car seat, said "This is my most horrible day. I can't bear the thought of leaving here..!" No one who leaves this sweet woodland town actually wants to. It gets into your heart, this spot of green and blue. It's a place where even the dogs are happy. I'm not even joking! They actually smile.

So, we ate our scones, and our tea sandwiches, and lovely watermelon. Even sweeter than the scones, though, were the people sitting around our table. That is what I will really miss, most of all. Those dear faces.

I can't say very much more, my dear Readers (is it possible for fingers to get choked up?). ..I'm sure you understand.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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