Thursday, July 17, 2014

Paula Deen. Cinnamon Rolls. Say No More.

For years it was 'Mrs. Schweitzer's Cinnamon Rolls', and none other. This recipe made everybody happy, most especially at Christmastime. The children loved to watch as the flour and yeast and sugar seemed fairly to fly about, into the bowl and onto the counter tops. Slowly, gradually they learned to make the rolls, themselves. Or at least ... I should amend this to say that the lovely daughter learned to make the rolls. The rather stunning son - didn't. But he ate them enthusiastically, which is what really counts.

Those of us who make our own cinnamon rolls feel the same way about the process: It's a messy, but satisfying business.                                                                                                                                      

Who is Mrs. Schweitzer? She is the mother of a friend of my M.I.L., and can be trusted for taste and texture in a recipe. The end product (it must be admitted) is not noticeably fat free, or even fat-reduced. That would be impossible, and it is best just not think of fat at all. It doesn't figure into this. Stop it.

And then there came a day, one amazing day I learned about Paula Deen's cinnamon rolls. Oh-ho! they are apparently the Real Thing, better even than Mrs. Schweitzer's.

I had heard of Paula Deen's cooking show. We knew that there had been some sort of 'fuss' about Paula Deen, but I don't really know quite why. I don't mind about it, not if the woman can bake like she does and create great followings of people who wish to indulge in, or even copy-cat her show and her recipes. Millions of American taste buds cannot possibly be all wrong.

So, I am preparing a switch-over. And on a day soon when it is no longer sweltering in this sweet woodland cabin (oh may it be soon), I shall make Paula Deen's cinnamon rolls. In fact - I shall make them both, and see what we think right then and there! 

But for is sweltering...

(Is there anyone else out there without a/c who can sympathize? Anyone...?)

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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