Friday, December 27, 2013

Secrets Revealed!

Do you celebrate Christmas by the sharing of gifts? And have you seen a success in these Christmas gift choices? It is often hard to get it just right, I know! 

For me, there have been three especially sweet responses to child Christmas gifts this go around. And it has proven to be such enormous fun!

Much thought and discussion surrounded these choices. Aunts, mothers and cousins had been asked their opinions as to the giving of those gifts. I was happy to realize that these opinions turned out to be sound and dependable.

*The first was a Savannah Doll House, for the three year old granddaughter. Her response was open-mouthed shock and awe on Christmas morning. She saw the four stories, the cutest ever furniture, the porch swing, and the dolls themselves. But best of all, she saw the baby crib. The sight of a baby crib is the height of importance in the eyes of this small sprite. The Savannah has already provided hours of imaginative entertainment, and promises more to come.

*The next Christmas gift with pazazz was the Polar Express battery operated train set, made by Lionel TrainsThis train was a dear wish of the 6 year old grandson, and he has never stopped thanking us for it. He loves the four cars (with tiny people catching a ride on the top). The train is operated by a remote control device, which enables it to move forward and backward at different speeds. There are the realistic train noises, the conductor's voice calling out 'All Aboard!', and lots of bright lights. Just the thing for a first grader!

*The last success, which has caused great joy among all three grands is a superior product called Magna Tiles by KidKraft. It was received by the two year old who does enjoy playing with the tiles (a.k.a. throwing them as projectiles across the room). But the real beneficiary is the 3 year old girl. She moves like a yoyo between the doll house and these Magna Tiles. 

The most fun I have these days is seeing the thankful faces of those three beaming up toward us. It is true that they each have an ability to find joy in things which cost nothing, such as cardboard boxes which serve as their 'cars'. 

But two days ago, we struck gold in the Christmas gift department. Sweet!

And, what with all the excitement surrounding the holiday and new things to distract each of us, the two year old (remember his penchant for butter?) slipped into the kitchen last night. He was just on the brink of . . . . 

. . . when in the nick of time, Grandma came upon the scene and saved the day! But he was so disappointed that I almost wished I hadn't noticed. . .

Poor little thing. Butter would have been such a smashing end to this wonderful day.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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