Friday, December 13, 2013

An Unmistakable Guide

As you know, friend Rosie and I enjoy a good meander along the streets of London. But we do find ourselves at times in need of a guide. This need is mostly unspoken, as all we really have to do is look ahead of ourselves about 6 feet. For there we will find, we always do find, Ted's head.

There is hardly a speck of London that Ted does not know. And there is hardly a speck of it that I do, so he is a very pragmatic sort of fellow to have. If Rosie and I are alone in the city, there is always quite a lot of checking our iPhone maps. And even then we are not exactly sure..

But if Ted is with us, we do not need to think of a map at all; it becomes our privilege to chat contentedly while following the back of his head (about 6 feet in front of us) as it leads us squarely to our destination. This was true the week we spent in Cornwall. On our multi-mile hikes and walks, Ted's thick head of hair was the beacon we kept our eyes on. We found ourselves having the perfect cream tea (The Digey Food Room) and eating in the sweetest pubs and Inns. Once, we loitered a little too long somewhere, and somehow lost track of him. Alas! But soon, there he was again, waiting round the very next bend.

I believe this is a gift. And if so it is surely a gift that keeps on giving, for our Ted is there for us. He may not even realize the difference this makes to an American far from the shelter of home.

It is all most gratifying, and we owe much to this good man. A trip to England would never be quite right without the gracious, unobtrusive, and benevolent head - of Ted.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady