Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Now, About That Butter

My dear scone-lovers.

We are all on the brink of a lovely Christmas, anticipating some lovely food. Besides our upcoming breakfast of fresh cinnamon rolls and Quiche Lorraine, there is a ham dinner afoot. The accompanying set of my sister's pies will suffice to put us all practically 'under the table', groaning.

It is well known that we have reason to be thankful. Our daughter, she of the rolls, quiche, and ham dinner, expressed this sentiment while up to her elbows in flour. Three freshly scrubbed and eager blond children were helping in the preparations (the 2 year old was safely tucked into his high chair to preclude any attempts toward the butter).

The three and the six year old followed their mother's instructions, and all of them experienced the rewards of good hard work (their mother knows the value of an occasional taste).

Keenly aware of strange secrets whispered among the adults, all small eyes are peeled. Sleep may not come easily this night, but it will come. And parents will sneak down to assemble complicated doll houses and train sets, squinting at the small print. These are the time tested procedures that we do each year, but never grow tired of. It is all so much fun.

During the Christmas Eve service, we participated in Lessons and Carols; hearing the Truths which never change. The children listened, holding their candles carefully, and keeping (mostly) silent (the two year old proudly sitting on the kneelers: 'I sit here, daddy!').

And now I had better close this laptop, ready to greet those sweet grandchildren early tomorrow morning. I know you are each thinking your own thoughts about what tomorrow will be, for you. I hope and trust it is all you hope for, on this Christmas Eve of 2013.

God Bless!
                                  the SconeLady
Granddaughter's Christmas candle

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