Friday, August 7, 2015


Any day there are children learning to row a boat has to be a red letter day. This was that kind of day.

And nobody wanted to quit. Grandma was invited too, of course, but at 90 degrees Fahrenheit she participated mostly from the protective patio, holding her umbrella and handing out water bottles. She made occasional queries just in case anyone felt like swooning (no one did, but they were nice to her about it all the same).

After a breakfast of scrambled eggs with avocado and tomatoes, bacon, fresh fruit and toast, the row boat became suddenly very popular. Each of the three were positive they could row it (by themselves) and that they should row it. They did, in fact, row it, following the the careful and kindly guidance of Grandpa and Great Uncle. Throughout, they helped each other with encouraging words called out across the water at intervals. "It's your turn now!" or, "Do you want to ride with me while I row?" or, "May I please row it without the tether, Grandpa?" This was very important, especially to the eldest. 

Learning to do things the way grownups do them seems to be a theme around here. Handling oars; turning properly during a pull; facing the correct direction; remaining calm and not frustrated when things go slightly awry. And interestingly, knowing when you need a tether. These are all skills worthy of skills we could use some reminders of from time to time, methinks. Grownups will act, and children will mimic - it is the way they learn.

Faces that reflect deep thought. Tongues slightly out in concentration. Occasional glances at Grandpa just in case. It happens all the time. May the things they mimic be the things that will strengthen, not diminish, their pull.

 Sometimes, a tether

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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