Thursday, August 13, 2015


When mommy and daddy are away, this Athena-dog gets to come for a visit. The SconeLady has a welcoming spot for the (still growing) pup where literally anything might happen. She thought all of the things would be quite pleasant and fun. Treats, and walks, and cuddles by night that would warm her heart. Certainly all of these things are going to happen, never fear, darling doggie - the best is yet to come. But among all these expectations, she had probably not counted on..


But it was just such a lovely hot day, the first of many to come, and I thought it would be fun. Athena was perfectly clean and nice-smelling, don't get me wrong. This desire comes, I suppose, of years with Golden Retrievers who think highly of water and wouldn't mind a simple plop! into the old pool (non-chorine, BTW).

And then - try as the SconeLady might, Athena won when it came right down to getting in. She just wasn't going to. Normally, one can get her to come, and go, and sit, and stay, and lie down, and even shake, just fine. But when she figured out just what was in store for her sweet little hide, she instantly made herself HEAVY. Urging and ordering made no difference to this great lug which lay there staring up at me inert, unmoving and unmovable. 

I was beaten.

And then sitting at the side of the pool, an idea was born: how about a good old-fashioned leash-bath? Tie her up and she thinks she is conquered, becoming the most humble, self-effacing doggie a person could ever hope to know. Water, suds, scrubbing, all of these things became abruptly agreeable in her sight. What a change.


It's grand to find a solution that suits both parties, isn't it? The pup who is at first resistant and uncooperative launches into a submissive little pooch. 

Sometimes mothers and grandmothers simply have to find the right 'cure'. Without all the muscle and mass, it's how we survive.

See you along the way! 
the SconeLady

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