Thursday, August 27, 2015


What activity most captivates the SconeLady today as she prepares for her travel adventures? There are so many to choose from that I can hardly be expected to single out only one. But (since you're asking..) the captivating thing that comes to mind right now happens to be cottage hunting. There is nothing quite so fun as cottage hunting, and even though I have already hunted and already found all of my cottages, I continue hunting on. It never really ends.

I like thinking about it. First of all, there are more options for the traveler than just the cottage option. There are other spots available which are worthy of your attention. I would say that the lodging options worth looking at in St Ives Cornwall might include:

  • self-catering holiday cottages (containing kitchen/diner, lounge, bedroom/s, bathroom/s, and so on) (typically one to three weeks but can be longer if wished)
  • long term rentals (must be 6 months or more and may be furnished or unfurnished cottages, houses, apartments, or semidetached houses)
  • Bed and Breakfast lodgings which might be found in cute small hotels or homes of substance
  • hotels (which typically include breakfast) that might be large and imposing, or small and unique - or maybe even look like a castle:

Tregenna Castle, St Ives Cornwall

If you are like me you might wonder about the expense of it all, because it really does add up. The frugal traveler has his or her work truly cut out, for the many options come with diverse price tags that can become confusing - even shocking. Luckily, this type of research is intensely interesting and never becomes confusing or shocking to the SconeLady, no matter how long she does it. There is always a deal to be found, somewhere.

One year the SconeLady and her sister stayed in the Tregenna Castle, above, which was smashing. It was a little bit expensive, but in the end we were given a much better deal for our room than we had expected. Yay and Hooray! These sweet surprises are out there, believe me, and what you must do is seek them out. You will certainly be surprised.

Since then it has been self-catering holiday cottages, for me. I highly recommend them. The ones I have tried, and which have been great choices, are:

I highly recommend them all! You simply can't go wrong. Just - click! - and make your way across the Atlantic, landing at Heathrow, grabbing the train southward to Cornwall, and make your way to the sweetest town in this wide world. 

Satisfaction guaranteed.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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