Sunday, August 23, 2015

But I Only Ate Half

We had been encouraged to check out the beauty and abundance of Laguna Beach, and finally - yesterday, we did. It is beautiful and it does have abundance, beyond anything I see as I walk my humble way day by day. I am fairly certain I visited Laguna Beach at some point during college, because who wouldn't have? If you go to college anywhere near it, well, you would hardly be able to stay away. It is unbelievable.

One particular college, at one particular time, was 33 miles from Laguna Beach. Fairly far for someone with no vehicle and not even a bike. But we college types (hippies) used to make our way to the many beach towns along PCH at the weekends, and maybe, perhaps, Laguna Beach was one of them. Certainly Manhattan Beach, Huntington Beach, and the ever-strange Venice Beach were frequented. Ah, the memories of strolling along boardwalks in our Granny dresses and sandals, stopping along the way for a 10 cent cup of coffee. How nostalgic I feel.

Well, yesterday we checked it out. We were driven by kind friends along the coastline, and marveled at the magnificence of the homes high up on the hilltops. We said 'Are you kidding?' upon seeing one such place (palace?) which seemed impossibly suspended up there, high above. How on earth could cranes, and cement trucks, and contractors ever have held on whilst putting that thing together? Whatever or however, it must have views that are as unbelievable as the structure itself.

The massive homes on hills are not the only notable thing we observed. Restaurants, dress shops, cute tea places and chocolate stores were abundantly sprinkled about, just waiting for us to wander in. 

But first we were feeling hungry for Barbecue and so our hosts took us to Wood Ranch BBQ&Grill at the Irvine Spectrum. Do you know what the Irvine Spectrum IS? It is an outdoor shopping center that contains truly any store or restaurant a person could ever want to visit, and a person could spend literally days - no, weeks - in there. As it was, we only spent a couple of hours, eating. If we had ventured further, just to look? we'd never have made it out without major expenditures.

You see my pulled pork sandwich, here (but I only ate half!), which was excellent:

The splendid friends we were with are actually our splendid in-laws - or rather, the in-laws of the lovely daughter, with whom we have excellent times! Everyone should be so fortunate as to find themselves such relatives.

Almost entirely full, we drove on down to Laguna Beach seeking - can you believe it? - ICE CREAM. Well, we decided upon gelato at Gelato Paradiso, the most delicious I've ever had (I only ate half! well, just a teensy-weensy bit more than half, but it was close). While we waited in line there was a darling chocolate shop to look at and, if one wished, to go in and try. La Rue Du Chocolat. I was tempted, but resisted.

We walked along the sands, watching the sun set along the waters in its most impressive and perfect timing. It couldn't have been a more ideal setting for a sunset. 

The day was, for us, delicious fun, and we hope to repeat the experience. At the end we all agreed that we share the most fabulous family together - the three eager blonds and their two remarkable parents; the kids'  generous uncle and auntie who make life so much more interesting, and the spread of other family members, looking to God, who form a cheer team none of us could do without. 

Excellent! What a way to step through Life. Thank You!

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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