Monday, August 17, 2015

A Reacquaintance

I didn't tell you last night, but saved it for today. The verdict on Wholemeal Apple Cinnamon and Sultana Loaf is in: it receives a full 10! Out of 10! Oh how tasty, how satisfying it was. Grace Hall deserves ongoing accolades for this splendid offering, even if it isn't scone-shaped.

It was the right choice to let it sit for approximately 30 minutes after removal from the oven. Thus it was still warm, but able by then to be cut nicely into slices. Had it been piping hot, it would have torn the loaf rather than to slice. Apart from this, the taste was wonderfully similar to an apple cake (its scent reminding the SconeLady's husband of his favored apple pie), with just the perfect texture. Having slathered it in butter, we two sat eating almost incredulously as the taste came home. It was a SlamDunk.

During all this baking and the resultant deliciousness, a sleepy family was driving gradually back south from a Gold-Panning Adventure. An adventure during which they had indeed found gold! On and on they came, most of the van's inhabitants sleeping soundly as the driver forged ahead. I know of at least 3 occupants who had gone to sleep thinking of the missing member of their family, a furry hound who had won their hearts; in short, the redoubtable Athena-dog so well-cared-for at that moment by Grandpa.

At last, they drew up to the darkened Little Blue House. Two parents gently awoke them, carrying the two smallest in through the silent kitchen and toward their beds. "But...where is Athena...?" wondered the girl as she felt herself so kindly placed.

"She is still at Grandpa's. You will see her in the morning."

Which is exactly what happened. As Grandma and Grandpa drove up, they could see a small blond head bouncing in anticipation of the coming reunion. "Athena!" she squeaked, causing the excited pup to jump and bounce in her own eager (almost hysterical) fashion. The car door opened, the crate door opened, the kitchen door opened, and - at long last - the reunion of dog and girl was able to take place.

"Oh, Athena! Hahaha! Good dog. Good dog," said the girl over and over, petting and rolling and laughing. 

Grandma looked on benevolently as the two made their reacquaintance. She glanced at the dog and thought she saw (then doubted it, mind you) - but thought she saw the dog - smiling back.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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