Thursday, August 20, 2015


You know the excitement is building when you can't help but flip through photos that represent when you were there last. Especially when your sister was there with you. 

The lady in red above, seen deciphering the gravestones, braved all sorts of travel to accompany the SconeLady in the spring. Together with her kindly husband and adventuresome son, my sister was a boon companion much needed and wholly appreciated. It was hard, in the end, to see them go.

But before they went, we marveled together at the splendid weather you see, above. It was mid-March and we had expected deluges and perhaps even hail. But look! Day after day we saw loveliness. By contrast, take a look at the weather this week in St Ives:

Rain. Day after day. If summer is like this, then what on earth might the fall be? But I truly have no worries on that score, my dear Readers. Somehow whenever I venture to Cornwall, something beautiful seems always to await. It is the sweetest thing.

And in any case, beauty is more than just rain-deep. Even if it does pour down on top of my poor head, Cornwall will be no less lovely. I will be less lovely and will look like a drowned rat while hiking the miles away, umbrella perhaps turned inside out. But - and I ask you this in all sincerity - who will there be to care? Many will certainly care as to the safety and the well-being of the SconeLady. But I am certain that not one of them will be concerned about how she looks. 

And so, the Countdown begins! I must organize my things, research fresh locations for afternoon tea, find any stray pounds and pence lying about, situate my UK SIM card, and eyeball the passport. It is a little odd, but somehow I am looking forward to a certain 99p mug of coffee in a cafe called The Hain Line, just across from the Library on Tregenna Place. They have free Wifi and are generous with free coffee refills. And it is good coffee in a proper enamel mug. Not to mention, pancakes and sausage for something like 3 pounds, including the coffee!

But nothing can ever replace The Digey Food Room, the spot I wish most to see. I will seek other scones, of course, and other tea shops, never fear. It's just that I doubt that any could ever match the Best of the best - of the best.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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