Sunday, August 9, 2015

Beach Boys Grasp Straws

A lovely night on the lake, resting out back gazing at it all and being amazed. Today I thought of things like fame, and drugs, and failure. Sounds depressing! It is, a bit - all to do with a good solid band with good solid songs that made us sing along. And then things like LSD came (they could suddenly afford them) and wreaked havoc. Ack!

So I came out here to be distracted from those thoughts by all of this beauty, something we all have at our fingertips somehow. Even here, just a few miles from the Asphalt Jungle that capture the thousands who are compelled to go somewhere, seeking success. I am just glad I don't need to. Far better, this.

As the sun settles down behind that hill, the idea of 'success' persists. What does it look like? How do we know if it has been reached? The man who built more barns to contain all his success ended up dying as soon as the barns were built. Yikes.

I don't have a million-selling album or a Rolls Royce. But next to me is a kind and generous man who asks if I am too cold, and actually cares. 

Ahh, sweet success.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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