Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Poached Along the Beach

How to reach the Porthminster Beach Cafe

You need only to stroll a short distance along Pednolva Walk (what they call The Warren), and on down the sands of Porthminster Beach to find it.  And you'd best be hungry because you will want space to put what you find there.

It is, in my opinion, St Ives' finest food. It is not fancy food necessarily, but fine all the same. It is what makes the Porthminster Beach Cafe our favorite spot of them all. 

My kindly sister and I saw it, but did not go. We meant to go; we wanted to go. But alas, I think we forgot our plan until it was too late, and time to get them onto their train in the end. But the SconeLady had frequented this favored of all places many times, and next time a sister visits we will certainly make our way to it. I think breakfast is their finest hour. The items I have enjoyed there are:

  • the superb pancake stack
  • two poached free range eggs, with sour dough toast
  • the semi fry-up, including bacon, mushroom, tomato, toast and egg
  • freshly made special granola with fruit

There is a long list of other items that I never got to, so good were the above four. But I did see Ted enjoying the full fry-up, which included b
acon, local sausage, homemade potato hash, field mushroom, baked beans, toasted sour dough, tomato and two fried eggs. It looked amazing!

Breakfast menu, and everything on it is good

I mentioned their poached eggs here once and shared that I would like to learn to make poached eggs myself. They are always so good but I had despaired of ever having them at home (it sounded so messy). There came forthwith a very encouraging note from a faithful reader (umm, my brother) stating that he had it all under control. That there was a splendid egg poacher he could recommend to the SconeLady, and not only just recommend but - he would give me one. Actually, not just one but two egg poachers! I was stunned.

He came through, and brought my egg poachers to me in a lovely box all safely wrapped and ready for the microwave. It took me a while, but once I was back home I took out the poachers and went at it. This was so easy - you break an egg into a poacher, and add a teaspoon of water. Put the lid of the poacher on, and microwave it for 20 seconds. Let it sit 20 seconds, and then cook for a further 20. And, voila! There is your breakfast.

You must put your toast in the toaster before starting to cook the eggs because they get done so quickly. Here is what they look like:

New egg poaching pot for the SconeLady

Finished product of the egg poaching pot for the SconeLady

My egg and toast were so delicious! I must thank my sweet brother for making this possible. I never thought a poached egg at home, without needing to get into the car or pay a dime, would be so spectacularly easy. 

And whenever I have this delicious treat, I think of that special place along the shore where so many times I have enjoyed food at its best. It almost makes my fingers fly toward Safari to look at - airline prices....! (Uh-oh..).

See you along the way!
the SconeLady


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