Thursday, May 14, 2015

Travel Day

We left early, and just kept right on going, pedal to metal. A travel day! Who needs to stop for the night when you have a home, and family, and friends just a few hundred more miles down the lane?

So here we are, rumbling along the multi lane freeway surrounded by massive trucks and speeding cars. I ride shotgun because no one in their right mind would expect someone with a titanium rod bolted to their spine to drive this way in the dark. And I can't help but mention the frequency with which we have visited McDonald's, today. It has been our go-to spot, and no mistake. There was the Sausage Biscuit for breakfast, the hamburger deluxe with fries for lunch, the ice cream cone stop, and the hamburger deluxe again (with fries of course) for dinner. Four McDonald's! It was tasty and filling, but - man.

So as we rocket along there are many things to think about, things that happened in the lovely North country. There were interviews (really just cozy chats) with my principal character for the upcoming Book. Yes! She was there and lovely and smart, as she always has been. Then there were the spectacular friends in their spectacular house waiting for us with open arms. Oh, and of course - before all of that there was Carmel, reminiscent of the captivating shores of St Ives.

We had birthday parties and Mother's Day gatherings, and evrywhere we were made welcome. But now, it is time for home. Therefore, I shall close this device and sleep the sleep of the weary, ready to be back and begin all over again. And I must figure out a fresh new 10 mile walk..

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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