Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Happiness of Freedom

She wasn't terribly sure she wanted to. She had wanted to, very badly, only moments before. And then, finding herself in all that water - something made her rush to the edge, and to safety. There is something innocent and awkward about an adolescent pup trying to swim for the first time. It was really rather sweet.

A puppy's initial foray into a pool or hot tub is pretty eye-opening. It looks so very inviting, especially the SoCal kind that gleams and sparkles and reflects the sun in the most inviting way. And there are so many happy children splashing about that surely it must be splendid. But alas. The reality is often far from the hoped for..and she wanted out.

The rather stunning couple got her out to loll around on the grass and be patted a bit. Darling Athena dog had had a very satisfying day so far. There had been a 'dog run' set up for her along the side of the house. Perfectly acceptable, too; a place any dog might be happy in (even if it did involve a rope). But she was so instantly in love with the house and the freedom of the house that she behaved herself - thus, being allowed to wander about without a tether. We all loved it.

It was a bit of a lesson, too. Behaving oneself = trust = more freedom. An obedient pup will find that she has more freedom, being so trusted. A pup who disobeys ('but that hamburger on the counter top looks SO yummy..'), might find herself tethered. Which would she rather be?

And which would we rather be? Grownups might think they are beyond all need for obedience or tethers or restrictions. But we aren't! Life's lessons are yet ahead, right there in the hands of the Master. 

Our Athena dog is still half puppy and still learning - very well, I might add. Bit by bit she learns obedience, and enjoys the freedoms that are her reward. Yesterday was what we would call a Major Reward - door opened, ability to wander in and out and snuggle with countless friendly people, water dish within easy reach. And best of all?

No tether. Therein lies happiness.

See you along the Way!
the SconeLady

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