Friday, May 8, 2015

Something Like Love

It all began 5 years ago. The tall, strong young man drove west to see and pay tribute to his sister's 2nd baby. He hardly knew what to do, or how to hold. She was just so tiny! What if something broke?

So he was content for the moment to pat her silky head within its minuscule cap. His first niece. He looked at her and it was the beginning of something like love.

She didn't know yet, of course, that she was so loved. But she grew, and sat up, and gradually became aware of this tall and happy man. Laughed whenever he came in because he was laughing, and she couldn't help herself. Her brothers laughed too. Jokes and all sorts of silliness were a commodity as each outdid the other. 

It was the sweetest thing. 

There was a lot to share in common, and they did - with grandparents and aunties, uncles, cousins and friends. Music and donuts. Long walks. The SconeLady watched all of this and realized she had seen it before in an earlier generation, where other uncles had thrown small and trusting youth into the air. And the results were always the same. "Again! Again!"

All kinds of memories are forged here, with new and enticing ones yet to come. These small people have complete trust in the family that surrounds them, and their love is absolute. It is something we all sense, and it keeps us on our knees in prayer for God's Grace to make us worthy of it. For it is His to give, and He will enable even the weakest among us.

All because of something just exactly like Love.

See you along the Way!
the SconeLady

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