Friday, May 22, 2015

Fortune Cookie Gets It (almost) Right

"Can't we take her out?" requested the 7-year-old. "Look, she is so patiently waiting.." But, it was not to be. The darling Athena dog would not be coming out of her crate anytime soon, as there was a party forming. And everyone knows that growing doggies are not known to be delicate with so much activity afoot.

"What do you think she would do if she was let out?" Grandma asked curiously, thinking.

"Oh.. Well, I think she would probably run around the decorations and eat them all up. That is what I think she would do."

Question answered. Doggie stays.

But she is such a nice little thing and has provided much comfort and entertainment during her 4 months at the Little Blue House. 

She has been known to have adventures -
  • escaping from the house and tearing about in the front faster than any boy could ever think of running. 
  • behaving as if she might be another human
  • softly licking an outstretched hand until Mommy says, "No lick"
  • collapsing upon every lawn passed during a training walk, "But Mommy I'm SO exhausted!"
  • falling asleep in her food dish
And now it was time to take the three out for a supper while the decorations were going up.

"Now where would you three like to eat?" asked Grandpa.

"Wendy's!" "Chipotle!" "PICK UP STICKS!" they cried. In the end, it was Pick Up Sticks, and everyone was happy. I could see why the moment we entered:

What is this? I wondered. The new Wave of kid-friendliness seems to have hit Pick Up Sticks. It was a smashing hit and no one had a chance to become restless whilst the food was being prepared. Grandpa ordered, paid, got drinks and lids, procured napkins, dished up Honey Chicken pieces, noodles, vegetables, white rice, straws, and in the end, fortune cookies.

"Mine says 'Everything you touch will prosper'!! cried the tall blond big brother. He went about touching us all and saying, "You - and you - and you will now prosper!"

"What does mine say, Grandma?" piped the littlest. 

"Ok, yours says 'Why didn't you eat your peas?'" she replied, with a wink.

"But I didn't have any peas.." he said, uncertainly.

"Sorry, just kidding. Yours really says, 'You are talented in many ways.'"

This brought a bright smile, and then the small girl enquired, "What does my fortune say, Grandma?"

"Let's have a look. Ok, it says, 'Your shoes will make you happy today.'"

"Oh," she said, "...but I think I have a blister.." 

Well, it isn't the first time a fortune cookie got it wrong, I thought. Then we loaded everybody up, snapped them in, backed up and headed out. I glanced back toward the little girl who was staring at her shoes, and who in fact has had a predilection toward shoes for ages (like many women). So the fortune cookie was a little bit wrong, although not all wrong. No, not nearly all.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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