Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Working One's Way North

We seem to have driven for ages. But as I sit here in a darling Gingerbread Mansion, it doesn't much matter. 

I can tell you all about it tomorrow! And while you wait I shall go on and on about lovely Carmel, and try to convince you to go.

It is a sweet town (or small city? no...it's got to be town), good enough for anyone to love. All of the elements are there - dreamy homes and cabins, cottages to cozy up in for your seaside holiday, white sandy beaches to meander along and even have a bonfire on. For last night as I walked, I came upon a bonfire completely abandoned. NO one was sitting or standing around it! So, I did. Here is a pic for you:

Along the sands were doggies and their owners, all well behaved. This was encouraging because when the SconeLady goes out walking, there is a good chance that at least one pooch will approach and perhaps become too friendly. I like dogs, but - man.

Our breakfast was provided by the lovely Colonial Terrace Inn, a B&B we can highly recommend to you. One block up from the shores of the Pacific, you can hear the high rollers as they come and go. For the morning walk I was able to venture along the famous 17 Mile roadway, seeing deer, birds, and all sorts of flora as I went. Not to mention the golfers. There were a ton of those.

All of that walking meant it was high time for lunch, which simply had to be at our favorite Tuck Box. Have you been there? It is too sweet for words. Just look:

I don't see how anyone could resist. We met there, sat in the courtyard, and had scones, tea, a sandwich and salad. The scones are the Tuck Box's own special recipe that you can purchase as a mix if you wish. They served the scones with WHIPPED CREAM and JAM! The SconeLady really loves whipped cream, and of course jam, and just to be nice, they had already placed butter for me on the scones. It was all entirely delicious, and I have pronounced the scones worthy of no less than a 10.

And I do hope you are not too tired yet of food conversations, because the evening meal was of the same high quality we have come to expect of Carmel. Our favorite spot for dinner, The Hog's Breath Inn, happens to be owned by Clint Eastwood (at least, it was last time we were here). You can see things there that remind you of Clint, from the decor (Spaghetti Westerns, anyone?) to the music. We listened to soft jazz reminiscent of his films, sweet with piano and superb vocals. The meal was great - baby back ribs, sweet potato fries, and a chicken quesadilla with spicy sour cream sauce. Amazing!

So now you have heard about all our meals for that one delicious day. All in all, Carmel fulfilled at least one dream for a holiday spot: it reminded the SconeLady of St Ives, Cornwall. And that is a pleasure not to be scorned.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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