Saturday, May 9, 2015


We are going to 'her' house today, but it won't be quite the same without her. It will be lovely, however, because the young people who now live there honor her just as much. She may not be there physically, but the many who loved her will be. And we will remember.

There are pieces of her life there, on display, and even a room that is dedicated to her life: filled with her belongings, with items she had made and gifted, and things she cherished. 

Yesterday we were at a bank, organizing details and discussing plans. The man helping us concluded our business and then said, "Oh by the way - there is a note in here that I thought you might want.." and he opened a document. Inside, stuck to the paper was a STICKY NOTE. We all gazed at it rather in awe, as it had her handwriting on it, kindly directing what to do with the document and where it might need to be placed. 

We had to laugh, because it was so exactly like her - leaving one last instruction for us to discover and fulfill. I loved it!

While going through papers and books a month ago, I commented on how much I would love to find one of her old aprons. Aprons she had made herself, and given to us as the decades passed. I had one such apron, but would love to see the others. Then in a random stack, I suddenly caught a glimpse of a Simplicity pattern. I took hold of it by its corner, and drew it out:

THE pattern was in my hand! I don't know if she ever actually made one for a man to wear (my guess is: NO), but the other two views you see were made many times. The fabric they were made of is iconic. In a series of memory books she had saved swatches of the fabrics of all her sewing projects and so I know I will eventually unearth some of that iconic print, found so often in her aprons.

Many a delicious meal was concocted while wearing one of these. It was always comforting to see her in them, because it always meant something good was going to happen. Something yummy and aromatic. Something perfectly fulfilling. For instance, something like CINNAMON ROLLS. Nothing surpassed those cinnamon rolls each Christmas when the grandchildren would come for a special baking spree. Mmmm.

And there we will be there for the birthday of the youngest of us - with more to come, someone even younger, I am told! The sweetest kind of news. News that she would have rejoiced in, and (I expect) is rejoicing in.

So the circle continues, and babies are born, and many more gatherings will take place, Lord willing, in 'her' house.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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