Monday, May 25, 2015


It was Memorial Day, with all the trimmings. Grownups provided the monitoring backdrop for small cousins who delighted in the fun of eating, running, swimming and boating. It was a smash hit of a Day.

It was also the celebration of a birthday...

the SconeLady's husband had a birthday

...and a boat ride where each child had a chance to drive. 

Amazingly, the little ones are becoming quite skillful, can you believe it? Right down to the littlest of them. I can just about see the nearly-8-year-old sitting behind the wheel of a car in a few years. Relaxed. Sun shades over his eyes. Blond hair blowing in the balmy breeze (hmm... I'd better get a grip; he is still only in 2nd grade and there really is no need to worry his mother just yet).

And time was spent with the rather stunning son (plus-one), whose contagious smiles were plastered all over everyone's faces. 

Even the dog enjoyed this day, wandering from smile to smile and only escaping the house once in order to tear around the front in an abject frenzy until dramatically caught by the darling lady in the hat, above.!

What a terrific memorable Day it was, as we remembered those who lived and died in the defense of many. Some of the 'many' did not even realize they needed the defense, but we will forgive them that. Many more will hear the same call, and will go. To them, today, we offer our salutes. We are baffled by your service. We are thankful.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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