Friday, March 28, 2014

Wealth in the Richest Sense

There's Always A Family

Scattered around outposts all over this wide world, you will find family - if you take the time. That is what we are seeking as we climb into a car and drive eastward. Together we decide to gather, and travel, and find those who share our name and knew us When.

The fields of eastern Oregon seem strangely the same, yet prettier than they used to be. The houses inside the town are less pretty than they used to be, but crammed with memories that have kept them pretty in our minds (I hope people extend to me that same graceful memory).

We catch up with friends and aunts and cousins, finding what roads they have traveled since last we were here. I remember a similar trip in 1984 when a friend said, "Let me know when I start acting old." Ha! Little did we know that we were young.

We take our mother with us on a drive up to the small cemetery above the town (this is a tradition), and notice the cemetery has grown. It is the place we roamed as children, finding the names of ancestors and thinking the years would never engulf us as they did these poor unfortunates. 

We are not quite as convinced on that point, now..

These thoughts begin to take root in my heart, but then! - the iPhone rings its pretty little tune. It is our lovely daughter, with a FaceTime request! The three grandchildren bounce up and down in front of their mother's phone, showing us their new harmonicas (the boys') and a sweet new mirror (small girl's). They are so blond and so excited to see us that the four of them crowd and wriggle in front of the tiny iPhone camera, as their mother struggles to hold it in place.

Suddenly someone grabs something that belongs to the small granddaughter. Just as suddenly she is off, running and pumping those legs to beat the band. I am not certain of the outcome. There was considerable vocalization and protest and - well, communication going on. The iPhone camera follows the action and then, ever so briefly, switches back to our pretty daughter's face - looking hilariously bemused.

All of this action sweetly startled me away from thoughts of cemeteries or ancestors or gravestones. It jogged me back to Life, a sweet reminder that I am thankfully still here along with my siblings, my mother, my children and their children, and my loyal and funny husband. 

Not a 'poor unfortunate', that's for sure. 

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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