Wednesday, March 19, 2014

90 and Counting

Her Graceful Day

Some time during the night, she turned 90. and did it beautifully!

Everyone was excited to arrive and find her today, standing graciously (of course) just around the bend as we walked in. Everyone wanted to be near her, and crowded round. Behind the doors we strode past were the people who have now become her friends. Throughout the morning they would see her and pause to touch her arm, shake her hand, hug her one more time. And say, 'Oh Jessie, you can't be 90!!' But, oh! she can.

Her tendency is/has always been to direct attention toward others, and so she asks them how they are feeling? How is John doing now? 'Oh, and do you need a ride next Tuesday?' She remembers what concerns them. All are charmed, and really don't want to stop talking but we slowly make our way toward our first Event. Breakfast!

Which was deliciously followed by lunch, and then a massage parlor (dreamy!), and finally, dinner (not that anyone could bear one more bite!). Her Day was lovely, truly graced by the clear blue (but cold) skies so prevalent in this woodland town. Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren gathered round her, telling stories, remembering, laughing a lot and eating even more. But strangely, among the stories were some our children had NEVER TOLD US BEFORE (you really must hear the one about the snake in a hose..) and so we never knew to be scared about. Good grief!

But now, dear Scone lovers, here I am sleepily sitting in this sweet forest cabin, eyes drooping and fingers strangely slow. The fire is bright, warm, comforting. But I must leave you now with one last picture of the Lady who has been our guide, our guardian, our friend, and central to all of these - our Mother. 
See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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