Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Where The Wind Takes You

It was so windy on this side of Cornwall that I decided to go over to the other side of it and see if there was any improvement. There was.

The best place to go on that side of this little world is the village of Charlestown. I have heard of this little gem and poured over its photographs on Instagram (just look at @saltyseastudio and @hanmadeincornwall!), making me want to see it for myself. Now seemed the perfect time. 

So I boarded the train, went to St Austell, rooted around the station for a bus to Charlestown, was foiled a few times, ended up walking the last mile, came over the hill, and - there they were, the sweet yellow and blue cottages I've admired for so long! On very hot days back home in SoCal, I have been known to pull up the photos of these little beauties, and just dream... of cool seas, puffy white clouds, gleaming shores.

Well, I wasn't dreaming anymore, and this was real. I hovered around the cottages, snapping photos (everyone there was doing this), then puttered along the village streets, having a tomato cheese and sourdough sandwich (with the most delicious wrinkly chips), and walking a mile and back to the tiny Porthpean and its magnificent beaches. 

But the most exciting moment of this day was when, as I sat out of doors eating the tomato cheese and overlooking the bay, a woman walked calmly past with four Tibetan Mastiffs!! I am not even joking. I think someone screamed. Everybody stared open mouthed. I didn't have enough wits about me to take a picture, for which I am immensely troubled because - now I cannot share them with my DEAR READERS! (I do feel sorry for that woman's vacuuming chores, though).

It took an hour to find the right bus back to St Austell (I walked the first mile. again.) But after that it was smooth sailing, because the Great Western Railway does its job so well. About the only complaint I have is that the sea gulls seem to use the train windows for a potty.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady


(And oh, I forgot - there were actual shipwrecks in Charlestown! I didn't tour them, but probably should have.)

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