Saturday, May 25, 2019

Rather Stunning

You may remember him, the surfing, laughing, hard working and newly-wedded husband in a perpetual prime of life: the Rather Stunning Son! Next to him sits his Darling Girl, partner in life, traveling companion, and gentle-but-clever wife. In the brief moment that I have access, this is what St Ives is all about today. 

There have been chocolate twists, long walks, Cornish pasties eaten in the fresh air of rugged cliffs (being massively careful of the wheeling gulls above us), a free Cream Tea at the Bedford Road Methodist Church while discussing the ifs and why's of Calvinism, and viewings of two lovely St Ives Cottages. A terrific beginning!

In between all of this were long sessions on the phone with British Telecom as they try to fix wifi, which seems to be astonishingly unreliable. So I shall send this while I can, and come back to you soon, when all is well once more.

See you along the way!
the SconeLay

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