Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Empty, Cobbled Lanes

Upon arrival here in early August of last year, the crowds were massive. One could not easily walk down a street or along a quaint, cobbled lane without going shoulder-to-shoulder with other, similarly harassed pedestrians. We were all in the same boat, standing room only - children, parents, relatives, dogs, the odd cat, prams, and workmen, all vying for space! I think I got used to it, because there really wasn't a choice - and anyway, Cornwall in summer is astonishingly beautiful and distracting, so who cares if they become squished?

This time, I arrived to silent streets. Everything seemed spacious and open, thrillingly empty of visitors. But the flowers! They are everywhere flourishing, shoulder-to-shoulder with one another in an array both pleasing and sweet. Clearly the spring rains have done their work, and for this thirsty Californian, it is heavenly.

The cottage I find myself in is also splendid! I accidentally booked it when I thought it was another, different, much smaller cottage, back in November. Once the 'pay' button had been pushed (don't ask me how) and it was too late, I took a closer look and realized the mistake. Many are the reasons for this, none of which I will go into because they may not throw a positive light on the SconeLady. But now that I am established in the mistaken cottage, I love it! There is even a lovely pink claw footed tub IN THE BEDROOM. I never have slept anywhere that had a tub at the foot of the bed. It's nice, and I could get used to it.

But the sweetest part of yesterday was contact with lovely loved ones. The baby very kindly recognized my face on his mother's phone, and began saying all sorts of sweet things to me, with a grin. I'm sure I heard "I love you Grandma" in there, somewhere. Then he somehow got hold of the phone himself and began to run, keeping the phone pointed so I could still see his face. The look of desperation/determination was hilarious as he made a series of evasive maneuvers. His mother finally caught him, of course, and then there was Noise... and perhaps some kicking. But even noise and kicking is entertaining to a grandmother on the other side of the world, in a flowery bedroom with a pink bathtub.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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